Strawberry Cheesecake Frappe


Fresh Cheesecake

  • 150g Cream Cheese
  • 1 pc Egg Yolk
  • 45g White Sugar
  • 30ml Bridel UHT Whole Milk
  • 4g Gelatin Powder
  • 100g Whipped Cream

Strawberyy Frappe

  • 100ml Bridel UHT Whole Milk
  • 60g Fresco Strawberry syrup
  • 80g Fresh Cheesecake
  • 160g Crushed Ice


In a blender, combine fresh milk, Fresco Strawberry Syrup, fresh cheesecake, and crushed ice.


Smear the side of a glass with Fresco Strawberry Syrup.

Pour the frappe into a glass.

Top with whipped cream, cheesecake, vanilla crisp.

For Fresh Cheesecake: Boil the milk with the gelatin and set aside to cool. Wisk the cream cheese, egg yolk and white sugar until fluffy. Add the milk and fold in the whipped cream.

Serve and enjoy.