Strawberry & Mango Bubble Tea


Mango Milk Tea

  • 60ml Earl grey tea Water /or any Green Tea Water
  • 30ml Bridel UHT Whole Milk
  • 30g All-Purpose Cream or Whipping Cream
  • 60g Fresco Mango Syrup

Flavored Sago

  • 100g Cooked Sago
  • 30g Fresco Mango Syrup


In a blender, combine earl grey tea water or any green tea water and all-purpose cream and crushed ice.

Add Fresco Mango Syrup.



Blend until smooth.

For the Mango Sago: Cook the sago until becomes translucent, strain and while still warm add the Fresco Mango Syrup. Infuse in chiller for few hours or overnight.

To assemble: Strawberry sago at bottom, mango milk tea, frosted milk, Fresco Strawberry Syrup, Fresco Mango Syrup.

Serve and enjoy.